Monday 25th January 2021

Science Activities at University of Liverpool

‘A fantastic group of students’ is the typical feedback we get when Archbishop Beck students take part in external extra-curricular activities and the Year 9 visit to the University of Liverpool on Thursday 15th January 2016 was no exception!

The University of Liverpool hosted a Year 9 Science Activity Day for a group of our Year 9 Most Able students. Throughout the day, students participated in 3 different engaging Science sessions; Students visited a Chemistry lab at the University of Liverpool and made their own lavender hand cream, they also participated in a lab test, testing the colour and organic content of a packet of skittles! Students also spent some time in an inflatable planetarium, star gazing. All activities gave students the opportunity to participate in activities that allowed them to broaden their own knowledge and question their own understanding of topics.

Students impressed staff at the University of Liverpool with their insight and enquiring minds we want Archbishop Beck students to be part of the next generation that build on the scientific successes that have already been achieved and this visit to the University of Liverpool has led to these students become one step closer.

Staff at the University also impressed our students with the passion that they had for their subjects!


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