Tuesday 19th January 2021

Archbishop Beck Celebrates World Book Day

Thursday 3rd March - Years 7, 8 and 9 ONLY

Your English lesson will not be the same again, as we celebrate the work of famous authors and find ourselves sharing our love of literature.

Alongside the fun packed English lessons we have in store, we will also be running the following competitions with some exciting prizes to be won:

The Great Beck Bake Off design and bake a cake inspired by a novel you have particularly enjoyed. Cakes need to be submitted to the English Office on the 3rd March where a winner will be selected with the help of Mary and Paul!!

Telagami Competition guess the teacher’s voice and the book they are talking about. Competition sheets can be collected from Student Services and entries need to be submitted to the English Office by the 3rd March.

Annual Archbishop Beck writing competition students are invited to submit entries of written fiction using the title, ‘This is the time, this is the place ’ Entries should be no more than 500 words and should be submitted to English teachers no later than Monday 7th March.

The Big Book Debate have your say about your favourite novel!!!

Year 7 and 8, ‘Read for my School’ National Competition. 100’s of titles available electronically See Mrs Wills for more details.


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