Wednesday 21st October 2020

Having the ‘Ride of your Life’ for Kenya

Archbishop Beck Catholic College has been pleased support the IF I CAN DO IT - YOU CAN TOO SCHOOL in Kenya.

This opportunity has provided our students with an awareness of the challenges facing children in Kenya. Some of whom have been orphaned, with many living in conditions that can be hard to comprehend in the Western world. The children in Kenya really value their education as it represents an opportunity to learn, gain qualifications and secure employment hopefully enabling the students to make progress and achieve in the future.

The charity committee’s aim was to raise money to help support the school with the resources they need to succeed something that we can take for granted in the Western world.

To achieve that outcome staff were challenged with cycling (on spinning bikes) during their break and lunchtimes in an attempt to ride the 6000+ miles to Kenya. 

The event brought about a real sense of fun and community to the whole school. With the P.E department starting the event in their customary competitive nature, followed up with staff from a range of departments volunteering their time for such a worthy cause. Mid-way through the race it was an added extra idea to cycle in fancy dress! Staff really went into overdrive dressing up as: Frankenstein, Darth Vader, Popeye, a onesie wearer, a pair of nuns and who could forget Peter in his joggers!

Eventually, the ‘Ride of your life’ finished off with the students versus Mr Dickinson! Like a scene from the final race of the Tour de France - rather than a yellow jersey for Mr Dickinson, the students persuaded him to wear an Archbishop Beck school uniform for the final ride!

The event was unbelievably successful and showed a real sense of commitment, passion and fun from our staff matched with by the enthusiasm, generosity and good nature of our students.

Thank you so much for all the donations of money and time! The total raised was 751 for the IF I CAN DO IT - YOU CAN TOO SCHOOL in Kenya. The Kenyan school have sent over a thank you message to our school and can be found at:

For more information on the project refer to the Antony Stagg webpage or speak with Peter, Mrs Brown or Mrs Freeman.


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