Sunday 27th September 2020

Year 8 Mathematics Scholarship Programme

Two Year 8 students, Amber and Jessica have been taking part in Saturday morning Math Challenge activities this term. Both students have shown a fantastic commitment to the programme and have attended workshops at the University of Liverpool, Hope University and Liverpool John Moores University. They ve been working with students from other schools across the city solving Mathematical problems that have been both challenging and rewarding once solved.

Amber (Year 8 Maths Challenge student) - In MEM masterclasses we studied a range of things from origami to high level probability. We met new people from different schools. Every Saturday we learnt a new thing to do with the subject of maths. We learnt a lot about university life and went to three different universities but my favourite was the University of Liverpool because the building we went to was more modern. My favourite activity had to be when we built a pyramid out of wooden dowels. I have attended every one and would recommend it for an insight in how University works, you get lectures and learn harder level mathematics. Overall I thought it was a good experience and I m glad I took part in these maths masterclasses.

Jessica (Year 8 Maths Challenge student) - It was really enjoyable, we were put in different groups which meant we had to talk to lots of new people from different schools, we also learnt a wide range of new maths skills. This experience has helped raise my confidence in Maths and I also feel that my communication skills have improved, this is because I had to tell everyone in the class what my answers were and explain how I got the answer I did. The teachers were all very nice, they helped us if we needed it but they wouldn t give us the full answer, so I still had to work it out for myself. When I did I would always get the answer right.

Mrs Welsh (University of Liverpool workshop co-ordinator) As educators, it is our responsibility to give our students as many opportunities as possible to excel. We were asked by the University of Liverpool to nominate 2 Year 8 students whom we felt would really embrace this programme. After liaising with the Mathematics Department, it was decided that both Amber and Jessica were the perfect candidates, this was because of their hard work and the commitment shown to the subject in Year 7. Both students have gone on to show us that the younger generation of today will always embrace new opportunities. There is no bigger commitment than attending a workshop on a Saturday morning, well done girls!

Mr Dickinson (Headteacher) - One of our main ambitions for the students at the College is that they are all given the motivation and the opportunity to go to university. Our links with the local Universities supports our ambition. This maths scholarship programme is one such example of the collaborative work we do. Jessica and Amber are two outstanding students in the College and clearly this opportunity will nurture their passion and increase their confidence in going to University. Well done ladies! Can I also thank Mrs Welsh who does an outstanding job, inspiring the students to go to University.


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