Friday 30th October 2020

Christmas Cards to the Latin Patriarch

The True Spirit of Christmas

Students from years 7-13 have offered their support to this year’s Archdiocesan Christmas Card campaign by adding their names to Christmas Cards which will be sent to parishes and schools in the Holy Land. This act of solidarity is a reminder to our brothers and sisters in this beautiful but troubled part of the world that they are being remembered by us at this special time of the year. Each student added their name to their form card which included the following greeting.

We your fellow Christians at Archbishop Beck Catholic College Liverpool pray that the peace and joy of Christmas will be with you at Christmas and throughout the New Year.

It has been an initiative that has generated much interest amongst students and hopefully we may get a response from some of the schools and parishes who receive our card in the New Year.

Paul Dickinson, Headteacher of the College said, “there is much sadness in and around the birthplace of Jesus Christ, we hope that we can give a least a little ray of hope to our fellows Christians in this troubled land”

Leyakon maakom salam el Maseeh ebn Beit Lahem fe had el eid el majeed

May, the peace of the Child of Bethlehem be with you this Christmas.


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