Wednesday 21st October 2020

Engaging Students in Intellectual Discourse

Current Year 13 students studying for the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI) Level 3 Certificate in Financial Investment Management were given the opportunity to discuss their extended project progress with professional mentors from the financial investment industry.

Throughout the course of the year, students regularly meet with the course mentors. Their mentors not only listen to the arguments the students have included in their extended project (students have to write a 4000 word essay on a subject of their choice). Mentors read the evidence put forward by each student and then ask challenging questions around the subject area.

Students have to confidently justify arguments that they had put forward in their project, Katy is writing an extended project about the Strengths and Weaknesses of the UK as a Financial Centre. Her mentor Phil Kirwan (Blankstone Sington) listened intently whilst Katy presented information about employment opportunities within the sector, she also spoke of how heavily regulated the industry is, she argued that the regulations in place do safeguard consumers however, she confidently argued that the regulations put in place have slowed down economic growth within the industry.

The extensive research that Katy and other CISI students have carried out, enable them to rise to the challenge and deal with the intensive questioning superbly. Mrs Welsh, the teacher observing these sessions was impressed to see the confidence that was displayed by the students in such an intense environment. Mentors are fully supportive of student progress and encourage students to ask them questions in return, this is resulting in excellent extended projects that will contribute to their final grade this summer. We wish them well.


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