Saturday 16th January 2021

Research at Edge Hill

Archbishop Beck Psychology students have been invited by Dr David Allen to assist in on-going research into factors affecting students’ academic progress.

Dr David Allen is a Research Fellow from Edge Hill University. Prior to joining Edge Hill University, David Allan was registered as an Associate Tutor for two universities in the North West. He began his teaching career in secondary schools before moving on to lecture part time in various sixth form and further education colleges. He then taught English and maths to key stage four students undertaking a work-based learning programme and subsequently took up a managerial post before eventually taking over the full running of the programme. This programme met the needs of over 400 disaffected 14-16-year-olds and was recognised as an invaluable strategy of re-engagement.

David’s PhD, completed at Lancaster University, explored the learning journeys of a group of disaffected girls undertaking vocational learning. Since then, his research interests have focused on disaffection, student voice, and vocational learning in schools. Recently, however, he has been exploring the use of Lesson Study for student re-engagement and teacher development. He is the principal investigator for a research project that is currently investigating teachers’ perspectives of using Lesson Study to generate new communities of knowledge, and thus enhance pedagogical knowledge exchange.

Having recently met with David with 3 current A-Level students, it has been discussed that we will be involved in ongoing research. This will involve being part of the initial decision making process in relation to the direction of the research. Students will carry out interviews and will involve questionnaire processes. They will be able to observe how data is analysed, review previous research, and assist with this process from beginning to end.

Dr Allen has also suggested that the students will be invited to ‘conference’, where the research will be presented to other academics and will include publishing. The students will also be cited in the research.

This will take the form of a ‘legacy’ project. As research can take several years from beginning to end students will pass on this opportunity to the students moving forward.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to involve themselves in real world academic projects. It will enhance their understanding of research generally. In terms of students applying for University, it will strengthen their personal statement considerably, and show Universities the type of commitment and experience they have gained.

This will also be an excellent opportunity for Archbishop Beck to raise its academic profile and to inform future students of the opportunities available to them at our college.

Simon Archer
Head of Department - Psychology


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