Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Project Ghana Donations 2017

Project Ghana Donates to Apam Senior High School, Central Region, Ghana, on The School s 64th Speech and Prize Giving Day.

Ms Catherine Nelson Distribution Leader of Project Ghana on Saturday 25th February 2017 visited Apam Senior High School in the central region of Ghana during the celebration of their 64th Speech and Prize Giving Day. Ms Catherine Nelson together with friends of Project Ghana transported a large number of chairs and laboratory stools to the school. On arrival, the chairs were immediately put into use. The school organised students who arranged these chairs and stools under erected canopies for the event (See pictures attached). To show their appreciation, the Headmaster of the school thanked Ms Catherine Nelson and her team and all the schools in Liverpool, England, especially Mr Paul Dickinson, the Headteacher and the project management team in Archbishop Beck Catholic College, the leading coordinating school, for their support and magnanimous act of kindness, which was indeed timely.

Fig 1 and 2. Students of Apam Senior High School offloading chairs from a truck donated by Archbishop Beck Catholic College, Liverpool.

Fig. 3 and 4. Chairs and stools donated by Archbishop Beck Catholic College, Liverpool.

Fig. 5. A section of the students in Apam Senior High School listening intently to the Headmaster s speech during the occasion

Fig. 6 and 7. Project Leader Mr T. Nelson of Archbishop Beck Catholic College together with staff loading a truck with chairs and stools donated by the school into storage prior to shipping to Ghana. From left: Mr. C. Gillon (Physical Education), Mr. A. Abernethy and Mr. W. Shanks (Mathematics) and Mr. D Atherton (Science)


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