Friday 22nd January 2021

University of Liverpool Summer Term

This summer term certainly has been a productive one for students that are involved in our University of Liverpool programme.

Year 7 students spent a morning working with student delegates from University of Liverpool. They participated in a creative writing workshop. Students worked in groups, experimenting with character and setting, structuring texts and discussing dystopian fiction and the role of the novel in a world of technology. Miss Mercer, an English teacher at Archbishop Beck said “Our students were so enthusiastic and a credit to the school.” She added “The workshop allowed students to develop and improve their creative writing skills, which is essential in enabling them to achieve positive results in their English assessments.”

Year 8 students spent a morning solving a CSI mystery, a crime had been committed and students were on the case to solve it. To solve the mystery, students had to earn clues by using their mathematical skills. Obviously, the mystery was solved and the perpetrator was found out in the end!

Year 9 students enjoyed a great day at the University of Liverpool. Students took part in a number of enjoyable interactive activities throughout the day. With enquiring minds they attended workshops on archaeology, Latin, the Cold War. They spent time during the day acquiring knowledge in the following subjects: Irish studies, Politics, and philosophy through Chinese art. The highlight of the day was finding out about the day in the life of a Roman soldier. Mr Woolrich, member of staff accompanying students said “The visit was a real success, with students enjoying activities ranging from Politics and the DUP to Roman army fighting skills! The weather was glorious and the students basked in the sunshine at lunchtime. Many mentioned wanting to go the University itself in future years.”

This term has been a busy one for our Year 10 students. A number of our students attended 3 day residentials at the University, finding out what it is truly like to be a student. They followed the timetable of a typical student, attending lectures during the day and taking part in recreational activities in the evening. All students stayed on campus in their own halls of residence room, finding out first-hand what living away from home and being independent is really like.

The end of another productive year, one in which our students have appreciated greatly. Mrs Welsh (University of Liverpool Co-ordinator) said “The University of Liverpool programme that our students follow gives them an insight into what lies ahead if they follow a higher education pathway. Students involved have been excellent ambassadors for the College and have thoroughly enjoyed following the programme this year.”


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