Friday 15th January 2021


Debating in the "House Of Lords"

Each year the House of Lords opens its door to citizens from all walks of life, enabling them to engage in a lively debate about important social and political questions. The English Speaking Union (ESU) has partnered with the House of Lords to deliver the debate model and training for the speakers.

Archbishop Beck Catholic College was delighted to be invited to take part in training for this event. Students from Year 9 to Year 13 took part in a “Discover your Voice” training session at the College.

This year’s topic is on Britain's place in the world and the specific question is:

What are the prospects for international relations in the 21st Century?

Students from the college will travel to the House of Lords on Friday 1st December to deliver their speeches and take part in the Debate.

Speaking after the event Mr Hicks said, “public speaking training is so important, because it gives our students the confidence, skills and opportunities to develop as articulate members of society” “ adding “with the ability to say it, mean it and if needed bring about change where and when the opportunity may RISE!”


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