Friday 22nd January 2021

Teaching Life-Long Skills!

Bikeablity comes to the college!

Recently students from the college took part in a special training session to give them further skills in safely riding their bikes on the roads within our community.

Bikeability is based on the government approved National Standards for Cycle Training, which teaches trainees the necessary skills to ride confidently on today's roads.

It is a life-long skill that can be instilled at a young age or developed for the first time in adulthood, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, boosting confidence and developing independence.

Bikeability is the public face of National Standard Cycle Training and is used by schools and colleges to train young people in the safe use of roads whilst being a cyclist.

Speaking after the training session Head of PE at the College, Paul McKean said, “education does not always take place in a classroom but this programme shows the importance of practical skills taught in a real environment” he added “our students loved the training.”

One year 8 students said “I learnt that you do not need to be scared on the road and that I have every right to cycle on the road, I have learnt so much.”


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