Sunday 17th January 2021

Introducing Stewart Allen

News from Alumni

It is with fond memories that I look back on my time at Archbishop Beck. During my time at the college I was able to represent the school and its students in a number of ways; from becoming Prime Minister of Liverpool School’s Parliament and becoming the second Head Boy at Archbishop Beck to being a member of the concert band seeing me travel to both Italy and The Netherlands.

My time at Archbishop Beck came to an end in 2012 after completing my A Levels. I then went on to study a Master of Chemistry with Research in Industry Degree at the University of Liverpool. During my degree I spent just over a year living in Wrexham, Wales as a student researcher for an Aerospace composite materials company. I then returned to university to complete my Masters studies and research for my thesis entitled ‘Encapsulation of corrosion inhibitors’ which was based on the production of polymeric nanocapsules to enable the possible future development of self-healing coating materials.

Just one week after completing my final year exams, I began working in my first graduate position in which I still work now. I am currently working as a Development Chemist for a coatings company in Runcorn who specialise in fluoropolymer coating for low-friction and non-stick industrial uses. Primarily, I work in the industrial bakeware and medical areas of the business carrying out research in to new formulations and technologies. My role allows me to travel both the UK and the rest of the world to work with customers and colleagues which is a real added bonus, being able to experience different cultures as part of my work.

However, these past few years come back to my opening statement in this piece. It is with fond memories indeed that I look back on my time at Archbishop Beck, as without the dedication of the college to see its students succeed I would likely not be where I am now. A caring and supportive network of teaching and support staff allows students to thrive and become the best that they can be and this remains abundantly apparent at the college to this day.

I will like to sign off with some advice to the current students of the college. Hard work does indeed yield results. So as you venture forward in your academic careers and look forward to the future, you will face significant challenges. When challenged, always give your best and you may well be surprised by the results you can achieve.

Stewart Allen MChem RSci AMRSC


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