Saturday 16th January 2021

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen

My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Debaters.

Friday 1st December was a red letter day for the college, 10 students travelled to London to take part in the ESU House of Lords Chamber Event 2017. This was hosted by the House of Lords and was lead by the Lord Speaker of the House Lord Fowler.

The topic for debate was,

What are the Challenges for international relations in the 21st Century?

This topic had three main areas for debate,

  • the UK should aim to work closely with the Commonwealth, European countries, the EU and global partners to achieve common regional aims.
  • The UK should aim to be a global leader.
  • The UK should keep the affairs of other countries at a distance and focus on its own problems.

An outstanding day unfolded within the historical Palace of Westminster. Schools and Colleges came from all around the UK. Archbishop Beck Catholic College was the only school in the North West to attend, a rare honour indeed.

Congratulations to Matthew, Amy, Anna, James, Lewis, Emma, Katie, Praise and Joe.

Speaking on their return to Liverpool, Mr Hicks, who led the group, said, “this was one of the most impressive, prestigious and engaging events our public speakers had taken part in since their appearance in the National ESU competition a few years ago”, adding, “the splendour of the House of Lords, the warm welcome and engagement with their Lordships provided a day that will long live in the memories of our students.”


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