Saturday 16th January 2021

...with Paul Doherty

News from Alumni

Why did you choose to continue your education in the Sixth Form at Archbishop Beck?

Having studied at Archbishop Beck for my secondary school years (year 7 - 11) and enjoyed successful GCSE's, I was very keen to further my education at my local school and having seen the great results the Sixth Form had been producing, I knew it would be the perfect place to develop my learning.

Why did you choose the subjects that you chose?

I was always excited about being able to choose only the subjects in which I had a strong interest in when studying at Sixth Form. I was keen to improve my skills of inference and having been a keen reader, English and History were subjects that appealed to me. I spoke to the experienced teachers of the two subjects on a Sixth form Open Day and was convinced that I would be able to take my understanding of the subjects to the next level.

I was drawn to business studies as it was one of the most subscribed courses and consistently posted fantastic results, with a team of teachers who I was quickly able to connect with and gauge a strong enthusiasm for teaching from.

How do you feel you changed at the College?

During my time at Archbishop Beck, I was able to mature as a person, particularly when I was in the Sixth Form. My confidence grew thanks to a very friendly and supportive learning environment, helping me to be more outgoing and sociable. I became a highly motivated student who was able to take on any responsibility given to me. I was able to develop strong relationships with my teachers and fellow students.

What would you say to other students thinking of joining our Sixth form?

For students who have been to Archbishop Beck for secondary school, then continuing your education into the Sixth Form is a no-brainer. You will know many of the teachers already and will be able to work and study in a modern school building, with great facilities that you re comfortable in.

The Archbishop Beck Sixth form is very welcoming and open, making it a great place for new students to come into. I found during my time in the college that all the sixth form studnets that were new to Archbishop Beck settled in immediately and became integral members of the Sixth form community.

How did ABCSC prepare you to further your study?

Archbishop Beck enabled me to be successful in all of my University choices at a number of different places in the UK. After finishing my A-levels I took a year out to work part-time jobs at a couple of different business.

Archbishop Beck modelled me into an ambitious and outward looking person and after assessing my study options, I applied and was accepted into the University of Amsterdam for the course of European Studies starting September 2017. It was a very exciting opportunity for me and I feel I was able to adapt to the challenge thanks to the skills and strong mentality that I developed during my time at Archbishop Beck.


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