Monday 18th January 2021

John Moores University Visit

Year 7 visit to Liverpool John Moores University

Year 7 students following Archbishop Beck’s most able programme spent an enjoyable day at Liverpool John Moores University. Students took part in 3 different engaging activities that enabled them to think creatively.

Session 1

Students held a 'question time' type of activity with a twist. They were given the opportunity, in teams, to quiz Liverpool John Moores student delegates. The more challenging the question, the more 'points' they received for their team. Questions asked were insightful and different. They ranged from fun inquisitive questions like “do people wear pyjamas to lectures?", to questions that required more thoughtful, detailed answers "Are you able to switch courses if you decide you don’t like the one you have chosen?", "Was is difficult leaving your family and living on your own?" Delegates were fantastic with the responses that they provided. When asked the question about University fees, the answer provided got students to think past the cost and think about their ambitions and dreams.

Session 2

Students had to think about what they wanted to do in the future and create a 'mini me' of themselves, using pipe cleaners.

Session 3

Students enjoyed taking part in team building activities that required them to think creatively.

In all, an extremely enjoyable day!


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