Sunday 27th September 2020

Randox Health Week

As part of Randox Health Week, in partnership with LJMU School of Sport and Exercise Sciences our Year 13 BTEC Sport students were invited to take part in a series of morning workshops based around sport, health, exercise and performance. The sessions offered students an opportunity to understand the impact of appropriate sport/exercise training protocols on health, fitness and ultimately sport performance in a range of different athletes including jockeys, boxers, cyclists and taekwondo participants.

The workshops raised the students understanding of sports and exercise science, including training protocols and techniques associated with different sports and the aligned health benefits.

Each workshop includes a science-based introduction to the topic, a practical activity that all pupils participate in with basic data collection, analysis and interpretation, and, finishes with discussion and debate around the findings and topic. This was a great chance for our students to visit a world-leading Sports and Exercise Science department and interact with experts.

The three workshops were:

  • Workshop 1: Non-Contact Training for Combat Sports: Boxing and Taekwondo with Derry Matthews
  • Workshop 2: Jockey Health and Training with Franny Norton
  • Workshop 3: Decision Making in Sport

The workshops were delivered by fully trained and qualified academics and coaches.

tudents were invited to take part in exercises that require light, moderate and vigorous effort, including using a horse racing simulator. Many thanks to all those involved at LJMU and Randox Health for a memorable and truly educational day.


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