Sunday 25th October 2020

Maths SATs Saturdays

Maths support sessions for Y6 students have been running for the last 6 weeks at Archbishop Beck. These have been attended by around 50 students per week, all keen to improve their SATs levels.

They worked hard, but experienced a fun filled two and a half hours of puzzles, games and action learning. All aimed at making them feel confident with some of the more challenging maths concepts.

  • “I didn’t understand algebraic equations, but I do now.”Year 6 student.
  • “I like the way that it was fun and educational” Year 6 student.

Mr Norbury, who led the sessions said that he was keen to build on the work already taking place in the primary schools, but that it also offered the students the opportunity to “See maths as a fun activity which helps you throughout life”

The parents also commented that the students enjoyed the sessions

  • “My daughter said that it had been a good experience. I look forward to my other daughter coming next year”
  • “My son really enjoyed coming to the maths classes and it has made him more confident about the SATs exams."

We will hope to run similar sessions in the future and would like to wish all students good luck in their SATs examinations.


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