Friday 15th January 2021

Leading the Way!

Archbishop Beck leading the way in preparing students for their future career choices.

Health and Life Sciences Residential 2018

Spot the Archbishop Beck Students! Four of our Year 10 students spent 3 days / 2 nights at the University of Liverpool.

Article provided by University of Liverpool staff about the event

Academic sessions

The young people enjoyed academic sessions from across the Health and Life Sciences faculty at the University of Liverpool. The sessions were practical, interactive and gave the young people an insight into what being a student at a Russell Group University is like. Some of the academics gave future career ideas, taught them practical skills and others were sample lectures of what undergraduates will investigate during their studies.

The pupils had the opportunity to meet current undergraduates, post-graduates and recent graduates during their three day two nights residential. On the final day of the residential the pupils learnt about the more practical side of being a student. They learnt about student finance, designed their own university, and took part in a student panel which is an open forum where pupils can ask current students anything about their University experience.

They took part in workshops centred around:

  • Veterinary Science, learning about skulls and animal care
  • Medicine, learning about the human eye and measuring heart rate
  • Life Sciences, learning about DNA
  • Personal finance, learning how to budget at University
  • Infectious diseases, learning how an outbreak of an infectious disease could be spread

Free Time

After their academic sessions the pupils had free time to meet other pupils who are interested in similar courses from different schools, socialise with students at the University and took part in a (very competitive) quiz. On the final night the pupils were rewarded for their hard work with a disco.


The young people seemed to thoroughly enjoy their experience at the University, below are some of the comments that they made in their evaluations:

  • It has improved my knowledge about student life and classes
  • I know the different routes to get the job I want in the future
  • I have learnt about the costs and budgeting
  • I didn't know that people were independent. People have a better life being independent and I like that about university.
  • I know now that you can have a life outside of studying at university.
  • I enjoyed learning about what it would be like to live the uni life.
  • The best bits were the psychology session, free time, talking to new people and the student advocates were really nice.


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