Saturday 16th January 2021

Physics Symposium

"Nothing happens until something moves." Albert Einstein

A selection of Year 10 and 12 Archbishop Beck students recently attended three lectures about Advancements in Particle Acceleration, Waves and Magnetism. Although extremely high level physics was discussed, our students gained a great insight into many aspects of how Physics works.

After a lunch break, the students were able to get more ‘hands on’ with the experiments and watched demonstrations involving the physics principles that were discussed and the technology that is emerging to continue our understanding of particle accelerators and the many benefits they provide; fibre optic internet, cancer treatment, military applications and many more!

During the second session the students were able to engage in conversation with scientists from across Europe and were encouraged to ask as many questions as they could. They did and put their newfound knowledge to excellent use by completing the quiz- and Halle won!

Students were invited to engage via social media and using the hashtag provided, send tweets of the event Joe entered a brilliant picture which summed up the enthusiasm of the students involved and won!

The symposium was an outstanding success, with informative discussions and the real world applications enthusiastically received. Indeed, a great deal of learning took place, all outside the normal classroom.


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