Tuesday 19th January 2021

Another Sporting Success

Alice has had the opportunity to be selected on two occasions for the English Schools of which is the top accolade to be nominated to attend in athletics.

Alice has competed over the years in the 100, 200, 300 and 800 metre events obtaining a high success rate.

Alice was ranked 8th in the UK for her 300 metres and from this was chosen to compete in the new Olympic Stadium. The event was sponsored by Sainsbury’s, UKA Athletics and the National Lottery. Alice was competing for the North west.

Alice attended a four day athletics experience in London, meeting the likes of Seb Coe, Jonathan Edwards and many ex Olympic athletes. On the last day Alice took part in the ultimate athletics event, of which she competed in the 4 x 300m relay and took silver. Alice also took silver in her individual event the 300m gaining a personal best of 40 seconds and is now ranked 4th in the UK.

Archbishop Beck have totally supported Alice by allowing her time away from school to attend these special events and also provided funding for her English schools competitions on two occasions.


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