Thursday 21st January 2021

Young Medics

Congratulations to Ella, Abi, Michael, Joel and Joy who have been accepted onto the University of Liverpool Medics programme.

The Merseyside Young Medics (MYM) is a rolling five-year programme of medicine and health-related activities and support for young people in Years 9-13 and have the potential and interest in studying medicine or health-related subjects at university.

Local schools nominate Year 9 pupils to participate in phase one of MYM which will run until the end of Year 11. Progression on to the Year 12/13 programme will be based on pupils’ GCSE attainment and continued interest in medicine/health-related study.

The programme aims to:

  • Increase pupil confidence, motivation and aspirations
  • Develop pupil understanding of the subject qualification choices needed for medicine/health-related study and careers
  • Provide curriculum enrichment to stretch skills, abilities and understanding
  • Support pupils to make informed choices and decisions.

Pupils will participate in activities at the University as part of a curriculum designed to build knowledge and experience incrementally.

A fantastic opportunity for our students good, well done and good luck.


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