Sunday 25th October 2020

The Girls’ Network

The Girls’ Network is a prestigious mentoring programme which works with young women across the UK and aims to inspire and empower girls by matching them with an individual, professional female mentor. 15 of our students were selected to participate in programme and we are now almost half way through! During their sessions, the girls receive advice on matters such as career opportunities, CV writing and confidence building. Some of our girls have even secured work experience through the programme. We have received positive feedback from the girls about the impact of the programme, as well as glowing reports from the mentors about the commitment and engagement of their mentees. Well done girls!

Feedback from our students included:

“The Girls’ Network has helped me to improve my communication skills, as well as giving me advice on careers and interview techniques.”

“I enjoy The Girls’ Network because it helps me to recognise unique qualities of myself than I didn’t realise I had.”

“I love going to The Girls’ Network because it helps increase my confidence. I’ve also had the opportunity to make new friends.”

“I’m so pleased I got paired with my mentor. She’s so helpful and a real inspiration.”


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