Tuesday 19th January 2021

Catching up with Megan - World Championship Irish Dancer

Firstly, congratulations on going to the World Championship of Irish Dancing in the USA recently. How would you describe the experience?

Qualifying for my first World Championships was such an amazing day, but then finding out I was able to go to America to compete was an honour and privilege. Competing at the “Worlds” has always been a dream but that became a reality this year. I was shocked but absolutely ready to take on the challenge.

How did you enjoy your time in the USA?

This was actually my first visit to America, I hadn’t even been on a plane longer than 4 hours before! We went to Greensboro in North Carolina which is a beautiful part of America with lots of culture and is very traditional (like you see on the TV and not very touristy). The local people were very friendly, but they were not used to having European tourists, so to have 5,000 Irish Dancers from all over the World was a great boost to their city. Every time we got in a taxi they were amazed we had travelled from England (not many had heard of Liverpool). We managed to go to a baseball game which was a fab experience and we even got on the “big screen”. Although our team didn’t win, it was still a really fun night and so friendly.

What was the most singular thing you learnt about competing at this level of competition?

Competing at the Worlds is a huge competition with the best of the best competing to win a “Globe”. With only five podium places and one winner it has been compared to the Olympics of Irish Dance. Being my first Worlds I was expecting to be very nervous, but on the day I just enjoyed the whole experience. My goal was to dance my best and make my mum proud as she and my dad have supported and encouraged me through my love of Irish Dance.

What were the other competitors like?

I got to meet lots of girls my age from all over the world (even from Australia). While backstage waiting to dance you manage to make new friends from all over the world. We are all the same, nervous and excited and worried if the floor is slippy, but still supportive of each other! Irish dancing is very technical with complicated footwork, we all dread if a dancer falls while your backstage waiting to dance.

Would you go through this all again?

I would love to qualify and compete again, next year the World Championships are in Dublin so a bit closer to home and my grandad who lives in Ireland will be able to come.

Final thoughts on a wonderful experience?

I have been lucky enough to have the right support and encouragement from my dance teachers at Archbishop Beck and King Academy who have all taught me hard work and commitment pays off. If you really want it, I would encourage everyone to chase their dream goal.


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