Monday 18th January 2021

Andy Grant - Enrichment Day

'I am the master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul.' William Ernest Henley.

As part of the College Enrichment Day, Year 10 students had the pleasure and privilegeof a motivational talk from Liverpool born Andy Grant.The students were in awe of Andy's story, his humour in spite of the adversities he has faced, from a young age, and how he has overcome these adversitiesby use ofthe Commando ethos. This was a memorable experience for all involved, hopefully Andy'smessage of resilience, courage and passionwill stay with the students throughout their lives.

Andy has been through more than most have in their lifetime. From losing his mother aged 12, to joining the Royal Marines, to serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, to being injured by an IED, becoming medically discharged and consequently facing life as an amputee. Although what Andy has been through is unique, the problems and adversities we all face in our daily lives are very similar.

The students listened tohim as heshared his story about how he went on to become the world’s fastest single leg amputee in the world over 10km by clocking a time of 37:17, represented his country at the Invictus games,climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and how the birth of his daughter has been his greatest passionand achievement to date!Allsince making the decision himself, to have his leg amputated. He explained that life will put you in all kinds of challenging situations, but it need not determine you as a person – it’s how you react to these challenges.

Mrs Brown
Year 10 Progress Manager


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