Saturday 31st July 2021

Year 7 Liverpool Philharmonic Visit

On Thursday 5th March a group of Year 7 students were given the opportunity to visit the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool to watch a performance given by the world renowned Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.

‘Our Global Vision’ was a special KS3 concert presented by Alasdair Malloy, linking music to the science and geography curriculums by inspiring students to develop a curiosity and fascination about the Earth’s key physical and human processes.

The concert also gave our students the chance to experience the power of orchestral music through a carefully chosen programme designed to inspire and engage.


  • Bliss - Things to Come
  • Vivaldi - Summer from the Four Seasons: Mvt.1
  • Fenton - Blue Whale from The Blue Planet
  • Beethoven - The Storm from Symphony No.6
  • Sculthorpe - Kakadu
  • Portman - Sunsets from The Little Prince
  • Scott - The Penguin
  • Rautavaara - Cantus Articus, Mvt.2: Melankolia
  • Mandy Ross and Tim Jackson - People of Tomorrow
  • Ginastera - Estancia, Mvt.4: Malambo


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