Wednesday 27th January 2021

...with Emily Pilkington

News from Alumni

What does a typical day look like for you?

Starting the day with a coffee (essential part of my morning routine) and then heading in to work. I’m a Mental Health Nurse and am currently working in an Eating Disorders Service in Gloucestershire. My days often involve some form of exercise like running or a gym class too, and meeting friends for a catch up.

When you were younger what did you want to be?

I didn’t really know for a long time. When I was really young I had all kinds of random ideas: Hairdresser, librarian, journalist, vet... Mental Health Nurse didn’t make it on to the list until I studied psychology in Sixth Form though!

What is the latest book you are reading?

Normal People, by Sally Rooney

What is yours all-time favourite movie?

Captain Philips (or Harry Potter - but I couldn’t choose which one!)

What advice would you give your teenage self?

Not to overthink things and to just make the most of every moment, it’s a great age!!! Also, go a little easier on your parents; they might seem like they’re nagging or they’re too strict sometimes but they really do only want what’s best for you and you’d miss them so much if they weren’t around.

When did you leave Archbishop Beck Catholic College?

2009 (end of Year 13)

What have you been doing since that time?

I moved to Cheltenham for my first job as a qualified nurse and have stayed here ever since!! I’ve now worked in lots of different settings and gained more experience. I’ve spent lots of time exploring the gorgeous countryside around the Cotswolds and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my now best friends here (I’ve also kept in touch with a lot of my old friends and love to catch up when I’m back in Liverpool!)

What do you hope to have achieved in the next 5 years?

I’d love to have saved enough to buy a house (and if I’m lucky enough maybe to have settled down and start a family). I’m also hoping to have progressed into management at work, continuing to learn along the way.


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