Friday 22nd January 2021

Head Boy and Head Girl 2020

Introducing Top College Student Ambassadors. Head Girl and Head Boy for 2020/21

Q &A with Mr Hicks

"A thorough, yet enjoyable education." - Halle Afflick 2020

Halle... What Primary school did you attend?

I attended Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School.

How did you feel when you received the news that you were to be the new Head Girl?

I am extremely grateful to my school for allowing me to be Head Girl, and upon receiving the role I felt very proud of myself and this achievement. I hope to fulfil this duty and to make the most of my last year in Archbishop Beck - in the hope that Covid19 allows me to!

What qualities do you think you bring to this role?

I deem myself to be a chatty, approachable person and to me this plays a significant role in my duties as Head Girl. I like to discuss things, to be heard and to keep asking questions until I am 100% satisfied that I know something. This talkative quality has led me to form many amazing friendships, and I hope that everyone is comfortable approaching me in college, as I am always happy to help. I always try my best to maintain an optimistic attitude and to look for the positives in every situation, which I believe is extremely important in everyone’s life, especially in the unprecedented circumstances that the nation finds itself in right now.

Why is it important to have both a Head Boy and a Head Girl?

A Head Girl and Boy provides the college with figureheads to represent the college community. Joe and I, must act as excellent role models for the younger students, an inspiration to strive for success and as a resource for questions.

What have you enjoyed about your time in college?

From attending dance shows to physics conventions, the teachers at Archbishop Beck have always provided me with a thorough, yet enjoyable education. I have genuinely enjoyed my time at Archbishop Beck and I can’t believe it is nearly over! The extra-curricular activities our school offers, provides every student with the chance to flourish even further, alongside their studies. For example, I participated in extra-curricular dance and we performed in the Liverpool Empire and various shows, which was always entertaining with my group of friends. Additionally, I was a “Language Leader” which led me to teach lessons of Spanish to Year 6’s from my primary school; an amazing opportunity that secondary school students wouldn’t usually get. All of these amazing opportunities have taught me many valuable life skills, which will stick with me in the years ahead.

What would you say to other students thinking of joining our sixth form?

Go for it! Our sixth form is rated “Outstanding” by OFSTED and it is very clear to see why. Not only is our sixth form a member of an elite group with a 99% pass rate at A Level (97% AS) and 100% at BTEC National; it also offers an array of both extra and supra-curricular activities, which have proven to be successful with many university applicants. To name just a few supra-curricular activities, I am currently taking part in “Pathways to Law”; the “Scholars” programme and I am a member of the “Social Mobility Foundation”. All of these opportunities have contributed to setting the foundations of my future, and without these programmes I don’t think I would be as excited as I am for the future ahead and the opportunities awaiting me in higher education.

What are you studying at A Level? Why did you choose these subjects?

I am currently studying: English Literature, Business and History.  I chose to study English Literature and History, as they have always been my favourite subjects from my younger years in Archbishop Beck and I believe that they will help with my studies of Law at university. English literature allows me to critically analyse and question the context of certain time periods in literature, and the societal laws that come with them. Whilst, A Level History provides me with the opportunity to question the “Law’’ and the corruption that has historically undermined it; from laissez-faire attitudes to ministerial scandals, both in which have stimulated an abundance of lengthy legal battles. I have often found myself deeply intrigued with many developments throughout history, which likewise the law openly adapts to a society that faces change every day. I chose to study Business, as I believe Business is a valuable life skill. My studies of Business have reconfigured my perception of the world, which has led me to reflect upon how business has always been intertwined with the law and legal regulations.

After your 6th Form studies what do you want to do and where do you want to study?

My aim is to move away from home - I want to attend Durham University to study Law. My motivations to study law stemmed from a novel “The Secret Barrister”, where an anonymous author yearns to portray the corruption which pervades the UK’s broken legal system today. I became fixated upon the recurring motif of social injustice, and the ways in which I could help to prevent it in the future. Therefore, my future aspirations include becoming a fully qualified Solicitor or Barrister - a decision which I am still yet to decide.

What do you see as some of the strengths of Archbishop Beck?

The teachers. My most fond memories of Archbishop Beck include my teachers, and I am fortunate enough to have had some of the most amazing, passionate people as mine. The commitment of staff in our college community is honestly second to none. No one could ever challenge their commitment and dedication; I genuinely think if you went into school at any time in the 24-hour day you would find them there working hard for our benefit. I will always be extremely grateful to all of the staff at Archbishop Beck, especially to my teachers from Year 7 to 13, as they have all helped to shape me into the person I am today and they have personally contributed to my future.

Complete this sentence: In 10 years from now I hope to be...

Well-travelled. In the job of my dreams. Surrounded by the people who mean the most.

Well said Halle, very best wishes I am sure you will be an excellent leader in the college community.

"A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be." -Rosalynn Carter

"We have incredible facilities which allow you to develop." - Joseph Roberts 2020

Joseph… What primary school did you attend?

I attended Runnymede St. Edwards and St. Matthews Catholic Primary School

How did you feel when you received the news that you were to be the new Head Boy?

I felt honoured and extremely proud that I was chosen for this role and that others believe in my ability to fulfil the role. I was captivated by the thought of representing the college community and the fantastic events which lay ahead.

What qualities do you think you bring to the role?

I believe I have a core set of communicational skills which I bring to the role. This allows me to engage in conversation with students, as well as staff to bridge the gap. Furthermore, I have never considered myself to be someone who only sticks with one group of people, as I am able to speak to many individuals who are all different in their own unique way. Life has brought each and every student into the college community, and I bring empathy to the role of Head Boy and can respect everybody’s journey and the steps they took. If students were chapters in a book, I could read each and every page with care to the detail.

In my opinion why is it important to have both a Head Boy and Head Girl?

Head Boy and Head Girl are prerequisites for a strong college. Both roles are equally as important and reflect the values of the college during prestigious events. Archbishop Beck Catholic College have continuously had a Head Boy and Head Girl every year and it is vital to continue that sequence of success as we move into a bright future. In addition, I feel that role models are a crucial part of the learning process, because when somebody is rewarded for their success, it is in our nature to look up to them and strive to do the same because their achievements have been positively reinforced by an incredible cohort of staff. Therefore, the badge of Head Boy and Head Girl is a symbol of potential, and when seen by others brings only the best out of them, and only the best will do.

What have you enjoyed about your time in the college?

I have enjoyed all the activities within the Performing Arts Department which ranges from the Chamber Choir, College Concert Band, dance, drama and public speaking. I particularly have a passion for music, singing and public speaking. Performing in concerts after working hard on perfecting musical pieces, is a great feeling and gives me a sense of accomplishment.

What would you say to other students thinking of joining our sixth form?

I would say to join the sixth form because we have incredible facilities which allows you to develop your skills accordingly. Moreover, the teachers truly harness you in and are passionate about their chosen subject which is powerful when combined with your own work ethic.

What are you studying at A Level? Why did you choose these subjects?

I am currently studying A-Level English Literature, Applied Business Studies and Health & Social Care. I have chosen these subjects because within each of them holds an abundance of skills and knowledge which I believe suits me and the goals I want to achieve. Each subject is different in its own way and makes the learning process new and exciting each day.

After your sixth form studies what do you want to do and where do you want to study?

After finishing my A-Levels, I plan to progress onto a University in Liverpool to study a joint course of perhaps English and Creative Writing. I am very much a creative person enjoy writing and performing poetry, so I think these subjects will be necessary. I hope to one day make a published anthology full of my own poems and perhaps as a career path to be a Journalist or an English Teacher.

What do you see as some of the major strengths of Archbishop Beck?

I feel that the major strength within Archbishop Beck are the fantastic academies for dance and basketball. The College has been successful in winning countless awards in competitions and tournaments, as well as improving the lives of many students by bringing out their gifts. Lastly, another major strength is the quality of teaching which is diverse and suits every student’s preference. We all learn in different ways perhaps auditory, practically and visually. The teachers are able to adapt the lesson and information to be learnt, by innovating the process to meet the needs of students.

Complete this sentence: In 10 years from now I hope to be…

Someone who has no regrets.

Well said Joe, very best wishes and keep up your fantastic love of poetry.

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem”. David Carradine


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