Friday 15th January 2021

Alternative Christmas Trees

During the trying times of the Covid pandemic, art students at Archbishop Beck have behaved commendably and coped with the disruption to normality admirably.

Changes have meant that the practical aspects of art have been less accessible than usual. However, it was decided within the department that; circumstances aside, the students should be given the opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity- As anticipated they didn’t let the college down!

Art students from each year group were asked to design ‘Alternative Christmas trees’ based on famous works of art. From Pop Art to Surrealism, the ideas came flooding in and as tough a decision as it was, two students from each year group had their ideas selected and recreated on 6ft trees, displayed in the college.

The chosen designs were:

  • Year 7 Ruby Boylin (based on Piet Mondrian) Hi-Yoon Kim (based on Friedrich Hundertwasser)
  • Year 8 Jak Cole (Based on Pablo Picasso) Evie Danson (based on Frida Kahlo)
  • Year 9 Isabella Hayes (Based on Andy Warhol) Andrew Fife (based on Roy Lichtenstein)
  • Year 10 Michal Domiesiewicz (based on Leonardo Da Vinci) Ellie Rhodes (based on Keith Haring)
  • Year 11 Courtney O’Hare (based on Gustav Klimt) Jack Stuart (based on Salvador Dali)
  • Year 13 Jamie McKeown (based on Hokusai) Kieran Roberts (based on Banksy)

Staff within the department worked flat out to recreate the designs on 6ft trees (kindly made by Mr Gallagher and Mr Kenny) A huge well done to all students and staff involved in, once again, showcasing the fantastic artistic talent within our College.

"Every Child is an artist." Pablo Picasso


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