Tuesday 9th March 2021

Reading Challenge!

Reading widely is so important and we want you to keep reading during these strange times! Don't forget to expand your horizons, de-stress and help your wellbeing by reading.

Mr Dickinson says, ‘Whilst in lockdown it is so important for you to read to develop your literacy skills but also for the joy of reading. Reading a book can help you to escape into a different world, live an adventure and develop your imagination. Use the Reading Challenge frame to inspire you and take up a challenge.”

Read a variety of texts and see if you can tick off all these challenges! Your teachers will be glad to recommend their favourites too! You can use a blank template to show what you have done and upload for us to see via Google Classroom for English.

Good luck and happy reading!

Hannah Mangan

Archbishop Beck Reading Challenge 2021 Listen to an audiobook Write a review of a book you have read Read aloud to a family member – at home, on a video call or even to your pet! Swap book recommendations with friends and family
Read more about a topic you are studying in your remote learning that interests you Read a book that was made into a film Read an article from the news today. Try BBC News Read a novel Research the life of an author who you don't know much about
Read a newspaper or magazine Read a non-fiction book – biography, autobiography, travel writing, history… Re-read something that you love Read something that one of your family members loved when they were younger Write an alternative ending to a book you have read


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