Tuesday 9th March 2021

Children's Festival of Reading

Liverpool Children's Festival of Reading inspires our Year 7 Poets

During the recent Liverpool Children's Festival of Reading, Year 7 were lucky enough to be able to join a session with the performance poet Karl Nova.

This was a highly enjoyable and informative session. We then spent the week exploring some of his poems and the issues they raise. The poems that Year 7 wrote, inspired by the work of Karl Nova, were so impressive!

Well done to all!

For You

You gave me your laugh
Which I thank you for
You gave me your smile
When I look at myself I see you
You gave me your kindness
Which is why I have such a big heart
You taught me respect
Which is important since the very start
You never gave up on me
Which is why your amazing
You shown me love and care
Since I was first born
I love you, forever

By Shaunna Finnegan

The City Of My Birth

I spy with my Liverpool eye
A city that upgrades your life
Upon the river Mersey we lie
Memories flood in of the Thatcher strife
A city of support for the party of Labour
Bombed out churches remember the blitz
Everyone reads The Echo newspaper
We survived our crushing hits
Pineapples on the town hall gate
Hometown to the Beatles
We have struggles everyone can relate
Our region is the peoples
The city of league-defining football
Home to the boat helping liver buildings
Every year Hillsborough we recall
A beacon of new beginnings
Liverpool is my my home and safe place
I wouldn't ask for a better birthplace.

By Farah Smith

The City of My Birth

I spy with my Liverpool eye a big sign saying welcome to Liverpool One.
I shop till I drop or till my bags pop.
I hear the buses beep in the loud rowdy streets, not desolate, not quiet but still without a riot.
I walk into food glory with 5 different restaurants.
I stand on the Albert Dock watching the birds fly by, it then makes me release a relaxing sigh.
Especially when it's night it gives flight to the night.
And off you go without the answer no.

By Ella Beesley

City Of My Birth

I watch over my city with my Liverbird eye
Watching cars and busses passing by
My thoughts flow through my mind
Like a ferry on the River Mersey
My love for my city
The raw atmosphere from both footie grounds
Cheering and chanting is all the sounds
The famous people born and raised here
The Beatles, Cilla Black, Jerry and the Peacekeepers and many more
Were once just scouse kids like you and me
Playing with their mates in the park
Not knowing the journey they would embark
I feel my heart will always belong to Liverpool
It might be biased but it’s one of the greatest cities on Earth
I stand on the docks looking at the view
People passing through
I turn a 360 from where I stand taking in my surroundings
Then turn back to where I was and crack a smile
Liverpool is my city: and here I’ll stay

by Isla Fay

City of My Birth

Liverpool is the city for me
It gives me glee
It holds my precious memories
The wonderful land of the yellow submarine
Is forever in my heart!
The two copper birds forever soaring
Always protecting us and never snoring
Standing still like a royal soldier
Along by the Mersey still serving as heroes
Are Bella and Bertie the Liver birds!
Four young friends with rhythm and rhyme
Now the best musicians of all time
Are very well known in my fair city
As Paul, Ringo, John and Lennon
Are the music masters the Beatles!
And the people are what are most amazing
With great spirit and forever gazing
At the amazing feats they have complete together
And the fantastic community forever strong
is the greatness of the population!
And now you should see
Why Liverpool is the city for me
Why it gives me so much glee
And why it is forever in my heart!

By Andreas Lavin

The City of My Birth

As I take a look over the Mersey
The Yellow Submarine cries out to me.
The city of my birth, Liverpool.
Liverpool and Everton
Our two teams.
The city of my birth, Liverpool.
The Beatles
Our Liverpudlian band.
The city of my birth, Liverpool.
Our national treasure of Liverpool
David Walmsey.
The city of my birth, Liverpool.
Jason Isaacs
Harry Potter’s Lucius Malfoy.
The Wonderful city of my birth, Liverpool.

By Alfie Murphy


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