Free School Meals

The Department for Education will be providing a voucher to the value of £15 each week from 20th April for every child eligible for benefits-related free school meals who is not attending school.

This will be provided as an e-Code sent to an email address or posted.

Action required: Please follow this link to confirm your email address and arrangements:

Please read the details below and check frequently asked questions here:

Emailing eCodes

The college will send a redemption eCode from the Edenred system directly to the parent or carers of the pupil(s) eligible for free school meals. They will receive instructions on how to use this eCode to create an eGift card, which the family should receive within 3 hours. You should only consider this approach if the family receiving the support has a working email account which they can access.

No email / Post Option

The college is required to choose a supermarket on the family’s behalf and send the eGift card to the parent or carer the the post. The family will be able to redeem the eGift card as soon as it arrives. You should take this approach if the family receiving the voucher does not have access to an email address or the internet.

Supermarkets Available

Through Edenred, you can currently access eGift cards for the following supermarkets:

  • Morrisons
  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Asda
  • Waitrose
  • M&S


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