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Numeracy is a life skill. Being numerate goes beyond simply ‘doing sums’, it means having the confidence and competence to use numbers and to think numerically in everyday life. At Archbishop Beck Catholic College, we are committed to raising the standards of numeracy for all of our students. We know that numeracy is a key skill necessary to success in further education, employment and adult life. Numeracy is of course a central aspect to all mathematics lessons. Fluency skills taught in maths allow students to use their knowledge of number, ratio and proportion in a variety of unfamiliar contexts that enable them to use these skills in different walks of life. As such, it isn’t only maths lessons that students are required to be numerate, all of our teachers in all subjects give students the opportunity to exercise and develop their numeracy skills in their lessons to better prepare them for adult life. We recognise how vital it is that numeracy is taught consistently across all areas of the curriculum. The maths team frequently work with other departments to ensure that there is a collaborative approach in the teaching of key mathematical concepts. Exercising and developing strong numeric skills will enable our students to participate fully in society; to understand that successful independent living requires financial awareness, effective money management, time management and other related skills in everyday life.

This web page will keep parents and carers up to date with the various numeracy activities being promoted throughout the school while providing you with online resources to help your child with numeracy at home.

International Day of Mathematics 2020 and 2021

In March 2020 Archbishop Beck celebrated International Day of Mathematics. Students in Years 7 to 9 took part in a competition to see who could memorise the most digits of pi (coinciding with Pi Day on the 14th March) with prizes for the form classes that performed the best. Many students and teachers took part in this competition and some students were able to memorise more than 200 digits which they then recited during assembly. The College will be taking part in Pi Day 2021 with plans for additional activities but if you want to start memorising the digits of pi you can make a start now by following the link below.

Weekly Numeracy Resources 2020

Numeracy skills are most effectively learned when they are used often and in different settings and contexts. You can help your child by working together on the following websites:

MathsWatch is the website that students in the college are most familiar with and it is used for homework and independent revision. In addition to this, Corbett Maths is a fantastic resource that can be used all year round by our students and is an excellent resource if you want to work with your child. Please click the links below for easy instructions on how to make the best use of Corbett Maths (link 1 if you will access it on a smartphone, link 2 if using a laptop or desktop computer).

Numeracy Puzzle of the Week

Each week a numeracy puzzle is sent out to all form classes to give students an opportunity to use their logical thinking skills during form time. Each puzzle will be uploaded to this section of the website so that you can challenge yourself too and discuss each problem with your child.


If you have any queries or would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact Mr A Nugent, Numeracy Coordinator, by emailing:


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