Ofsted Report

Archbishop Beck Catholic College was inspected by Ofsted in November 2017 and received very positive feedback on developments made by the school. Speaking about the report, our Headteacher, Mr Dickinson said, “The pupils, staff and wider school community have worked tirelessly to improve and further develop the school and it is heartening that this is recognised by Ofsted. I am tremendously proud of our school and our great achievements, but you can be certain we will continue to work hard in our strive for excellence.”

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Ofsted Quotes
  • Safeguarding is highly effective in the sixth form. Students say that they feel safe and are well prepared for adulthood.
  • They value the specialist support provided by the school's pupil support service. The staff in this team pride themselves on seeing every pupil enter the school each day and are vigilant in ensuring that pupils are happy, safe and well cared for.
  • Most of the pupils who inspectors met during the inspection spoke positively about their school. They say that they are valued as individuals, are well supported by staff and would recommend the school to others.
  • Pupils say that bullying is rare at the school. If there is bullying, pupils know how to report it and are confident that it is dealt with by school staff quickly and effectively.
  • The school's use of the additional funding for disadvantaged pupils is more effective than was the case previously, because of strengthened leadership in this area. Plans to ensure the good education of disadvantaged pupils and the actions that support them are precise and their impact is measured and evaluated regularly by governors. Leaders have given great attention to improve the attendance of these pupils. Consequently, the attendance of disadvantage pupils is approaching that of others nationally and the progress that these pupils make is improving.
  • School leaders work effectively with parents, carers and external agencies and act swiftly when required. Referrals are followed up in a robust manner and record-keeping is good.
  • Pupils say that they feel safe and are well looked after. Pupils have a clear understanding of the risks which might affect them and how to keep safe, including in e-safety. School leaders have adopted an internet filtering system, which helps keep pupils secure. Pupils know who to report concerns to and how to do this.


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