Recovery Curriculum 2020/21

At Archbishop Beck Catholic College, we pride ourselves in taking a ‘student- centred’ approach towards our student’s learning. This philosophy will continue as the College begins the new academic year after the pandemic of COVID-19.

We recognise that students will have lost the infrastructure of the learning processes within the College and this loss of learning, routine and structure will have had a real impact on their academia levels as well as their emotional health and well-being.

It is our priority at the College that all student’s transition back into learning be as smooth as possible and a bespoke curriculum design has been employed to engage our learner’s reintegration back into face to face learning.

For the academic year of 2020/21, we have devised a full recovery curriculum programme across all year groups, which will enable learners to address the gaps that were potentially missed during the pandemic. 

The flexibility of the recovery curriculum provides a curriculum that is adaptable and responsive to the diverse needs of individual learners which reflects the uniqueness, with scope to further embed a blended learning approach, which is accessing a learning platform remotely from home.  

Each subject area has provided a rationale behind their recovery curriculum design and an overview of what will be taught within each year group for 2020/21.

The whole college policy from September is that homework will be to continue to be set remotely to minimise the contact between home and school.