SEND Support

Welcome to the SEND Team

The SEND Team consists of the following:

  • Mrs J Brown - SENCO
  • Ms E Griffiths - SEND Line Manager
  • Mrs A Woodward - SEND Governor
  • Jayne Lesbirel – SEND Governor
  • Mrs C Doran - Senior Learning Support Officer - Responsibilities include: Literacy Intervention; SEN administration; lesson support; testing of pupils and co-ordination of Learning Support Assistants for SEND matters.
  • Ms J Phillips - Learning Support Officer - Responsible for assessing and applying for all access arrangements for external examinations.

The following Learning Support Assistants assist in the support of students with SEND:

  • Ms R Adams – HLTA Overall responsibility for EAL students and literacy intervention
  • Mrs C Elder - LSA English
  • Mrs J Jessop - LSA Geography / History
  • Ms B Peck - LSA Maths
  • Ms J Taylor - LSA Maths / PE
  • Mrs J Higgs - LSA Art
  • Mrs L Coyne - LSA Science

One to one support assistants:

  • Ms L Scully
  • Ms L Brown
  • Ms M Lovelady
  • Ms S McKenna
  • Ms A Field

The SEND department recognise that many young people often learn in different ways and where a special educational need is identified, we endeavour to ensure appropriate intervention strategies are put in place to support the learning needs of the student. The SEND Department offer a range of intervention programmes, tailored to meet the needs of those students who may require additional support.

“It shouldn’t matter how slowly some children learn, as long as we are encouraging them not to stop.” Robert John Meehan.



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