College Uniform

The college requires that every student should wear a uniform to maintain a high standard of appearance that will stand each student in good stead with employers in the future. The wearing of appropriate dress for physical education and games and various practical subjects is also required.

Every effort has been made to minimise the cost and many items can be obtained from most clothing outlets.

The following items are available from the College’s own, on site, school uniform shop ‘Archbishop Beck Clothing’.

The uniform requirement for Years 7 - 11 is as follows:

  • The maroon college blazer with embroidered badge: this is compulsory.
  • The maroon college V-necked sweater / cardigan with embroidered badge: this is compulsory.
  • Boys: White shirt and school tie
  • Girls: White open neck revere blouse
  • Boys: Charcoal grey or black trousers (no denim or cords).
  • Girls: Grey skirt / pinafore (any sensible style). Knee length skirts / pinafores only
  • Boys: Grey Socks
  • Girls: Grey Socks
  • Black leather shoes are the only acceptable footwear. This means that coloured/embroidered fashion shoes, boots or shoes with high heels or insufficient support must not be worn.

7 A sensible outer garment: students should not wear expensive clothing, e.g. leather jackets, designer labels etc.

Please note: jewellery other than small earrings is not allowed in college. Any inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated straight away and returned to the student at the end of the day.

Nail varnish, Acrylic nails or Shellac nails and excessive make up are not permitted and students will be asked to remove them. Strong or excessive hair colour or styles (including hair that covers a students’ eyes) are not permitted.

Students who continue to wear inappropriate jewellery will have this confiscated and it will not be returned until the end of term.

Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform


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