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There is no denying the impact that the American ‘Declaration of Independence’ has had on the world. It was adopted July 4, 1776 inside the Pennsylvania State House (now known as Independence Hall). The ‘Declaration of Independence’ announced the separation of 13 North American colonies from Great Britain. More significantly, it is the simple “self-evident” statements of equality, human rights and self-determination that have made this document stand the “test of time”. Interestingly, the ‘Declaration of Independence’ was signed by a ‘scouser’, Robert Morris who emigrated to the United States in his teens.

Here at the college I know the education offered, given and delivered to our young people has also stood the “test of time.”

  • An academic programme which stretches all students, including, our most academically gifted (our recent examinations results attest to that)
  • We continue to offer an enrichment programme that is second to none.
  • We support those that need encouragement, motivation, with dedication, to achieve their personal best at this stage in their life.

Our college mission statement, like the “Declaration of Independence” clearly sets out to state we are a community that always strives to be a place where equality, human rights and self determination is at the core of our Christian Catholic Community.
With every blessing, good wish and prayers for the coming year ahead, we do indeed reinforce the prayerful phase, “IN GOD WE TRUST”.


We begin this academic year by placing our trust in God and invoking the Holy Spirit. Let us pray that our education here in this place will clear our minds, warm our hearts and open our hands to do God’s work. Let us pray that the unity we experience in this college community will keep us together as a community of learners and believers; keep us together in our resolve not to blindly follow the crowd; keep us together in our faith through the power of God’s indwelling Spirit.

Paul Dickinson

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