Saturday 23rd January 2021

Year 7

Google Classroom

  • All students have a google login that matches their network login with at the end, eg
  • Students first use password is beck1234
  • Login queries to
  • Google Classroom - Guide for Students
  • Google Classroom - Guide for Parents

Work Files

Subject Google Codes
Computing 2ytlzi7
Dance 3ujkqvg
Drama euhtuoq
Food uj7sc5b
Geography 52orj6q
English a6h2pes
History csde533
Literacy 453arvw
RE jwazb3g
SEND nmgptj3
Science rsabq3c
Spanish oydbnkc
Art Ms Cowap: 5x2msge
Ms Sharp Art: i3cil5a
Ms Sharp Graphic Design: ebo4xns
Mr O’Brien: uqnok7z
Design Technology Use homework booklet provided at start of course
Textiles 7e4 and 7f4 (have received invites no code needed)
contact for login support
Careers Distance Learning Teaching Resources
Citizenship The Work of an MP


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